The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Extreme collection of models eschew the classical lines of the Master collection in favour of robust aesthetics, ideally fulfilling the needs of active wearers. Jaeger-LeCoultre has always been an innovative brand. In 1959, the Swiss watch company released the Memovox Deep Sea, the first automatic diver’s watch equipped with a mechanical alarm. Later, the brand released the Memovox Polaris, model E859, which included a triple case back, heightening the audibility of the alarm.

The ‘Compressor’ line of models feature an ingenious means of preventing water ingress. The crown is equipped with a unique, patented locking system, ensuring the watch remains water resistant, in some cases up to 1000 metres. Some of the watches equipped with a chronograph complication also feature the same locking facility, preventing the wearer inadvertently pressing the pushpieces whilst underwater. Red and white arrow-shaped markings gracing the crown and pushpieces inform the wearer of the locked status.

The Master Compressor Extreme World watches incorporate an air cushion device which helps absorb impacts which may adversely affect the precision of the movement or otherwise cause damage. In 2005, Jaeger-Le Coultre entered into a relationship with Aston Martin, releasing its first model the AMVOX 1. The name was an amalgam of “AM” for Aston Martin and “VOX” referencing the famous Memovox alarm watches of the Swiss watch company. The initial model was equipped with an alarm function.

The AMVOX 2 was a chronograph featuring a ‘vertical trigger’. Rather than pressing pushpieces on the right-hand side of the case, the sapphire crystal effectively rocked forwards and backwards within the case instead. The outcome was a neater, purer appearance. The brand also offered an alternative version, the AMVOX 2 Transponder, allowing the wearer to lock/unlock a suitably equipped Aston Martin car.

Based on its predilection for crafting technically challenging movements, it was perhaps inevitable that Jaeger-LeCoultre would release a highly complicated version of its motoring inspired collection. The AMVOX Tourbillon GMT paired Breguet’s whirlwind device with the convenience of displaying an additional hour hand, informing wearers of the prevailing ‘home time’ whilst operating in another time zone.

Later versions of the AMVOX collection include models featuring a world time indication, paired with a chronograph (AMVOX 5) or a titanium case, chronograph and power reserve indicator (AMVOX 7).

The ultimate expression of Master Compressor ownership is the Extreme LAB. When it was first released it was proclaimed as ‘the world’s first truly lubricant-free’ watch, wonderfully illustrating the ground-breaking approach of this remarkable watchmaking company.