Blowers Heritage

Blowers is a long-established family-owned company, founded by Ian Blowers in 1970. The company continues to operate from its original premises, a historic building dating back to 1790 and located in central Kingston upon Hull.

Since the business was established it has become a beacon for watch collectors from around the globe, drawn to Blowers’ breathtaking array of models. A key attribute of the business is that all products advertised on the company’s website are physically in stock, held in the Kingston Upon Hull Boutique.

Blowers has earned a reputation for being a specialist in the supply of fine timepieces, jewellery and watch accessories. It is a haven for the cognoscenti seeking both watches from well-known luxury brands as well as rare examples of Haute Horlogerie. The company offers previously owned timepieces, carefully procured by its team of experts. Provenance and quality are assured.

Buyers have become attracted to the considerable savings on new that preowned can offer. In some instances, rare and elusive models, seldom seen on the high-street, can be found at Blowers. However, for some clientele, it is the convenience of seeing an array of watches from different brands all in one location which makes Blowers the destination boutique par excellence.

A culture of approachability and honest advice pervades the paradigm of Blowers. Clients visit the company knowing that informed sales consultants can impart knowledge in a relaxed, non-pressurised manner. Blowers is a welcoming retail experience, where client confidentiality is guaranteed.

It is this winning formula which has led the business to expand. Recently, the company opened an office in London’s prestigious Mayfair. Mindful that some clients seek the convenience of purchasing a timepiece in Great Britain’s capital city, Blowers opened a sumptuous office where customers, by prior arrangement, can view fine watches in a comfortable environment.

Those clients who are unable to physically visit either of the brand’s two locations can purchase with confidence from the company’s website. Detailed and honest descriptions, together with high-quality images, allow the would-be buyer to appraise potential watches using a trustworthy virtual medium. Moreover, additional peace of mind is conferred with the Blowers “Seven-day approval service”. After receiving the ordered item, should the customer not be 100% happy with their purchase for any reason, the item can be simply returned and a full refund will be made. It is this peace of mind offered by Blowers which has made the company the brand it is today.