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After the premature death of their father, Nick English and his brother Giles vowed to enjoy their lives to the full and founded their watch company, Bremont, in 2002. Since this time, the ascent of the Bremont brand has been remarkable.

Part of Bremont’s success has been its clear focus. The watch company celebrates its Britishness and has focussed on producing tough, well-engineered chronometers. The cases fitted to many of its models are hardened to 2000 Vickers and prove adept at shrugging off minor-impacts without leaving the merest surface blemish.

Bremont has forged close ties with the world of aviation, supplying several military squadrons with bespoke timepieces. Moreover, it has strong ties with Boeing, culminating in the recent release of the Bremont Boeing Model 1 and Bremont Boeing Model 247 timepieces.

Another unusual aspect of the brand is the incorporation of materials from planes of yesteryear. Early Bremont models, including the EP-120 and P-51, employed materials from a 1942 Spitfire Mark V and 1944 Mustang P-51K-10, respectively. More recently, the innovative watch company used some of the original muslin material found on the 1903 Wright Flyer aircraft and incorporated it into the oscillating mass of the aptly named Bremont Wright Flyer Limited Edition.

Perhaps one of the most sought after watches the brand continues to offer is the Bremont MBI. The abbreviated nomen refers to Martin Baker, the British company which is a world leader in ‘ejector seats and crashworthy seating systems’. The Bremont MB collection consists of three models MBI, MBII and MBIII. However, in order to acquire an MBI, the wearer must have deployed a Martin Baker ejector seat. This model is instantly recognisable with its distinctive red-coloured knurled caseband.

Bremont has also embraced other forms of transport and created additional joint-branded watches. These timepieces have included the limited edition Bremont Norton, Bremont Jaguar watches and, most recently, watches for seafaring types, including the Bremont Americas Cup and the Bremont Oracle Team USA.

Indeed, by increasing its in-house production capabilities, both at Henley-on-Thames and Silverstone, the recent association with sailing seems a fitting metaphor for a company currently riding on the crest of a wave, without any signs of its popularity diminishing soon.

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