Part Exchange Your Watch

If you have a timepiece that is unloved or simply gathering dust, part exchange is a great way to upcycle your unwanted items and upgrade to your “Grail Watch”. Blowers provides an unbeatable level of service and is committed to offering the best possible price.

How to Part Exchange Watches

Part exchanging your watch combines buying and selling into one simple package. You’ll need to provide details of your unwanted timepiece and send it to the seller for valuation, while simultaneously choosing the watch you’d like in return. Assuming both parties are happy, the exchange can take place and you can enjoy a timepiece to treasure for years to come.

The process to part exchange your watch with Blowers comes in three easy steps. You submit an application, we provide a valuation, and the exchange takes place. It’s as simple as that. A hassle-free way to get a significant, or full amount towards the watch of your dreams.

Here is the process in a bit more detail:


Complete Form

The first step in our part exchange process is to fill in the exchange request form. In the form we will ask for: the brand, reference number, status of the package, your expected price, and pictures alongside other details.


Receive Valuation

Once we have received all of the required information, one of our experts will analyse everything provided and come up with an approximate valuation for your item. We will then contact you within 48 hours with our offer.



Assuming you are happy with our evaluation, then the fun part begins. You will be able to browse our entire collection of stunning luxury timepieces so you can make us an offer and potentially land your dream watch.

Part Exchange Your Luxury Watch Today

If you’re interested in exchanging your old watch for a new item then you’ve come to the right place. Fill in our contact form and provide us details of your proposal and a member of our team will get back in touch as soon as possible.

Looking to Part Exchange Luxury Watches? We Deal With

Don’t see your watch here? We deal in the buying and selling of timepieces from all different brands. It is quality that we’re looking for, so get in touch with us today, no matter the make or model of your watch.

Rather Sell Your Watch Instead?

If you’re simply looking to sell your watch without the added distraction of a part exchange, we can help. Perhaps you want the monetary value, or you want to reinvest in a different asset. As trusted buyers of timepieces from around the world, we can guarantee you a simple, stress-free process, as well as a fair price and a guarantee of quality.

Where Can I Part Exchange My Watch?

Much like when you’re weighing up a sale, there are several options to choose from. You could source a buyer from Facebook or deal with the entire process yourself, or trust your timepiece to a specialist with decades of experience in buying and selling luxury watches. Whatever you choose, it is important to do your research beforehand.

Part exchange your watch with Blowers and you’ll receive a service that is second to none. We are committed to making the process as straightforward as possible and always endeavour to offer the fairest price for your old timepiece. You can then use this to purchase the watch you’ve always wanted.

We offer three easy methods of part exchanging your watch: you can contact us online via our part exchange form, or you can book an appointment at either our Mayfair location, or our Flagship store in Kingston-Upon-Hull.

Watch Exchange Online

Discover how much your old watch is worth for part exchange by filling in the contact form below. Please provide as much information as possible, and we will be in touch promptly to get your part exchange sorted as quickly as possible.

Watch Exchange London

Our boutique in London’s fashionable Mayfair is available for you to come in for a meeting by appointment only. Simply contact a member of our team and we’ll arrange a date and time to meet our experts and discuss your part exchange.

Watch Exchange Hull

The home of Blowers Jewellers, our Kingston-Upon-Hull branch is open for walk-in service. However, we recommend booking an appointment to ensure you can be seen by a member of our team without any delays.

Why Use Blowers’ Watch Exchange Service

Blowers are not only a highly respected buyer of luxury watches — we also have a huge collection of world-class timepieces for sale that are sure to turn heads and draw attention at any occasion.


The biggest benefit of exchanging your luxury watch is that it can save you time. Rather than selling your piece and using the money to purchase another, you can skip the middleman and include it in the initial deal.


Our part exchange service has been designed to be as simple as possible for you. We won’t drag the process out longer than it needs to be. All you need to do is fill in our form and provide us information and we’ll get back to you.


Our reputation is what sets us apart, as we always want what’s best for our customers. We won’t ever undervalue an item in a part exchange to increase our profits — we will provide a fair estimate for you to base your decision on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Part exchanging is a great option if you have a watch that you do not need/want anymore, but happen to like the look of another piece. Putting your unwanted timepiece into a part exchange deal means you will be able to get the watch you’ve been eyeing cheaper and easier than if you were to just purchase it outright.

It’s not recommended to initiate a part exchange deal with a buyer that you cannot verify the authenticity of. When it comes to part exchange, there are too many variables and moving parts that you simply don’t want to get involved in if you can’t be certain that you’re in the right hands.

Yes, if you have a Rolex that you no longer want then you are free to change it for something new. At Blowers we have a wide collection of luxury watches from some of the most esteemed watch brands in all the world — pieces that are sure to pique your interest and all available for part exchange.

While we hope that you’ll be 100% satisfied with your new watch, we understand there will be some occasions where this is not the case. Should you decide not to keep your timepiece, you can return it to us at no charge. Please note that the entire transaction will need to be reversed in full, including the return of the watch you sent to us in exchange. This is because we will typically offer a higher price for a part exchange than we would if you were selling your timepiece outright.

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