Named after the company’s founder, Giovanni Panerai, the Italian watchmaker has enjoyed great fortunes in recent years. The brand started in Florence in 1860 and has cultivated a strong reputation for style and the quality of workmanship, thanks to their unusually-shaped cases and reliable movements. 

Given that purchasing timepieces for investment purposes has grown in prevalence over the years, it is worth knowing whether a Panerai watch retains its value. We have put together a list of reasons why this extremely popular brand would retain its price and is a good option for those wanting to keep a timepiece as an heirloom or future source of money.

Star Power

At the end of the Second World War, Panerai’s contract with the Italian Navy came to end. This meant the brand had to expand into the public domain, as it was previously only manufacturing timepieces for the military. Unfortunately, their watches were not in particularly high demand and the brand was extremely obscure. 

This all changed when Slyvester Stallone saw one and was impressed by its large, imposing size. As a result, he wore one in a movie – sparking both the Panerai and oversized watch crazes. This led the manufacturer to produce watches for the public, and so a legend was born. 

Stallone did not just stop there, and actually commissioned several timepieces to give as gifts to friends. One of these just happened to be fellow action-movie star Arnold Swarzenegger, who also started wearing them in his films. Other famous fans of the brand include Jason Statham, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Chris Pratt.  

Cult Status 

Another reason why a Panerai watch retains value is the level of enthusiasm the fanbase has for the brand. Known as “Paneristi”, they have conventions and get-togethers right around the world – along with dedicated websites and trading networks. 

This makes Panerai an extremely strong investment opportunity, given the fact that a watch brand that has a long-standing and engaged fanbase will ensure that the buzz around the brand will continue for many years to come. The future value of a watchmaker’s timepieces depends largely on the passion of the collector base, meaning Panerai has a clear advantage over many other firms. 


Created in true Italian style, a Panerai watch retains value thanks to its larger-than-life look that truly captivates. The classic dials, for example, appeal to a large demographic and have helped the brand become an extremely popular investment option. 

A real advantage of the simple design is that it can easily be spotted from far away, making it stand out from the crowd and act as a real statement piece. While a particularly ‘busy’ dial that has a lot going on must be inspected up close to really experience its beauty, a plain dial can easily be admired from across the room. 

The military background of Panerai watches and their simplistic nature gives them a real rugged character that you just do not experience with the vast majority of luxury brands. The timepieces themselves can make you feel like you are sporting a military instrument on your wrist, something that is tough and bold. 


The most valuable watch brands in the industry are often those that have a long-standing history, started their own trends and specific characteristics that help it stand out from the crowd. The Italian manufacturer has all of this in spades, meaning a Panerai watch has a fantastic chance of retaining its value. 

Panerai itself has a strong history, most notably as in 1916 when it was asked to service the needs of the Royal Italian Navy. This was a continuation of a highly successful relationship between the two parties, since the watchmaker had already acted as the supplier of high-precision instruments.

As part of this agreement, Panerai developed Radiomir, a powder based from Radium that can illuminate the dials of watches. The substance quickly proved popular, thanks to its excellent underwater adhesiveness and high-visibility, and soon became a key part of the watchmaker’s future design plans. This kick-started a whole new period of innovation for the brand, propelling it on to new and exciting designs that cements its place as a fantastic option for investment.  


While the look of Panerai watches is obviously the first thing that you will notice, the next thing that becomes apparent is the sheer quality of the product. Even the models that do not contain in-house movements take the notion of quality to the next level, given the fact they are modified and finished to a beautifully-high degree – rather than just being inserted into the timepiece as-is.


The vast majority of luxury watch brands have a strong reputation for making waves and setting new trends, and Panerai is no exception. Not only was the Italian watchmaker at the forefront of the large watch craze, it also started the tendency to swap straps – something that had not really been explored before. 

Most Panerai watches are sold with an additional strap, along with the tools needed to swap between them yourself. This provides you with a unique opportunity to further customise your timepiece and express yourself in a way that no other luxury watch manufacturer can match. You can purchase a wide assortment of straps from Panerai directly and from specialists across the world. This is just another reason why the brand stands out from the crowd and why a Panerai watch retains value.

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