The Rolex Cellini, described as “a contemporary celebration of classicism”, was named after Renaissance sculptor and goldsmith, Benvenuto Cellini. It is a fitting tribute to the tradition of fine watchmaking combined with elegant design and modern touches. Whilst sometimes overlooked by collectors, the Rolex Cellini has gained popularity in recent years for collectors who appreciate the subtle elegance of its refined lines and classic design.

The Cellini perfectly pairs the quintessential luxury of Rolex with the elegance of its Florentine namesake. Originally released in 1928, the Cellini was the first Rolex manufactured in quantity. The newest model is the Cellini Moonphase, released in 2017, featuring the 6 o’clock blue disc. It is available in Rolex’s own exclusive 18ct pink gold, Everose gold. The most romantic and artistic of all complications, the Moonphase module shows the position of the moon in its cycle, and is astronomically accurate for 122 years.

Simply displaying the hours, minutes, and seconds, the Cellini is refined in its purpose. The Cellini Date incorporates an elegant date dial, eschewing the classic Rolex Cyclops lens and date display. The Cellini Dual Time model allows you to display the time in a different time zone on a secondary dial. Cellini watches are only available with black or brown stitched leather straps. The case comes in white or pink gold, and the dial comes in a range of colours.

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The Cellini Danaos, the Cellini Cestello, and the Cellini Quartz are no longer manufactured and therefore only available to purchase second hand from dealers such as ourselves. Contact us today for more information or buy online from our exclusive selection below. All watches on our website are physically in stock at our Kingston upon Hull boutique, and can also be viewed by arrangement at our London office in Mayfair. Enquire today.

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