The Rolex Pearlmaster is a sumptuous take on the classic Rolex Oyster. Characterised by its ornate dial and the exquisite gems that adorn it, it is a jewellery watch of the highest order. Rolex manufactures both men’s and women’s Pearlmaster models. Befitting the watch’s exclusive status, it is available only in 18 ct yellow, white or rose gold, made in the Rolex foundry.

Launched in 1992, the Pearlmaster represents an ornate interpretation of the iconic Datejust. Its precious stones are carefully selected to meet the high standards of radiance in Rolex’s extensive gemology laboratory. They are hand-set by expert gem-setters. The Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster is a stand-out model.

In order to achieve the highest standards, Rolex employs two types of gem experts to produce watches such as the Pearlmaster. Rolex gemologists identify and rigorously test the gems to ensure their quality. Gemsetters are then responsible for the delicate task of setting the gems into the watches in such a way that maximises each gem’s beauty. The result is invariably stunning.

Available in 34 or 39mm diameter, the Pearlmaster can suit either a larger or smaller wrist. It comes with a range of dial options, including light, dark, coloured, or the luxurious diamond-paved dial – carefully set so that each gemstone catches the light.

Besides the watch’s breathtaking elegance, Pearlmasters bear the same high standards of technical and functional excellence as any other Rolex model. The Oyster case is waterproof to a depth of 100 metres, and the crystal is made of sapphire that is virtually scratchproof. Recent models are powered by Rolex’s famous perpetual self-winding movement.

The Rolex Pearlmaster: a truly luxurious timepiece

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