The Omega brand has subtly changed the face of the horology industry, building up a stunning history and back catalogue of timepieces that are synonymous with important global events and pop culture alike. Over the years, Omega watches have been on the surface of the moon, used in countless Olympic Games and appeared on the silver screen as James Bond’s timepiece of choice.

Each of these factors have helped the brand become what it is today, a highly-respected company that is beloved by people across the world. Second hand Omega watches are extremely popular with collectors and enthusiasts alike, especially the fact that the timepieces are always technologically advanced and can effortlessly last through generations. 

While some people will purchase second hand Omega watches purely as part of a collection or to wear every day, others will buy timepieces in the hope that they will hold their value in years to come – or even net them a profit. The question is, is this a good idea?

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Second Hand Omega Watches as Investments

The concept of buying wristwatches as an investment opportunity is nothing new. In fact, many watch enthusiasts will purchase timepieces from high end manufacturers such as Rolex, Tudor and Patek Philippe in the hope that their assets will increase in value over time. For most people, the combination of having something that gives you pleasure, such as wearing a wristwatch every day, and having an item that can be used as an almost guaranteed source of income is ideal. This is exactly the opportunity that second hand Omega watches can provide. 

Unlike some luxury watch brands, fans of Omega timepieces vary widely. This is due to the fact that there is a large selection of functionality and style on offer. The good thing is, no matter what style of watch you go for, you are practically certain to have a good investment – something that is especially true for vintage models. 

As long as you keep your second hand Omega watches in good condition and ensure they remain in their original working state, you are very likely to have a fantastic investment opportunity on your wrist.

What Factors Make Second Hand Omega Watches a Good Investment?

One major reason why second hand Omega watches have proven to be a good investment is the fact that the company has increased its recommended retail price several times over the years. This obviously means the timepieces are a lot more expensive to purchase brand new.

When this happens, the preowned market tends to follow. This perhaps does not occur at the same rate, however the upward trend will still be there. As a result, second hand Omega watches are a great opportunity to make money several years after you originally purchase them.

Another important factor that makes second hand Omega watches a good investment opportunity is the issue of supply versus demand. If a particularly popular timepiece is extremely scarce, its value will undoubtedly rise. This is especially true if the timepiece is no longer in production. 

Popularity is a third factor that makes second hand Omega watches a good investment. It should go with saying that the more popular a watchmaker is or their timepieces are, the more valuable they will be. While some brands will have some watches that are considerably more well-liked than others, Omega watches enjoy practically universal appeal. This means you are much more likely to have a positive experience with Omega than other luxury brands. 

The Best Second Hand Omega Watches for Investment

Limited edition timepieces are particularly popular amongst investors. As the name suggests, these watches are made in small numbers and when the production stops, the only way to get them is via the second hand market. This is where the concept of supply and demand really comes to the fore. Of course, some limited watches are a lot more popular than others, so it is important to do your research before making any purchases. 

As well as limited edition models, there are particular collections of second hand Omega watches that make great investment opportunities. These include:

Omega Seamaster 

The Omega Seamaster is a truly iconic timepiece. First produced in 1948, the watches have gone through some significant design changes over the years. Ask anybody to name a well-known diving watch and it is extremely likely that the first name on their lips will be a Seamaster.

Out of the entire collection, perhaps the timepiece that offers the most in terms of investment value is the Omega Seamaster Professional 300m – also known as the “Bond Watch”. Both the automatic (2531.80) and the quartz (2541.80) have done extremely well in recent years, thanks to the perfect combination of technical innovation and luxurious style. These timepieces offer plenty for diving enthusiasts, while also acting as versatile dress watches. The steel models are extremely popular due to their classic look

Omega Speedmaster 

The Omega Speedmaster is arguably the brand’s most legendary and defining timepiece. The collection is well-known across the world and has a huge audience. It is an absolute classic that will always be in high demand, making it an ideal investment opportunity.

Probably the most important timepiece for investors is the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph 42mm. These watches have enjoyed a sharp increase in price in recent years, something that originated from the brand itself but has also trickled down to the second hand market. Those pre-dating 1968 are proving to be especially popular. 

Other Omega Speedmaster timepieces that are piquing the interest of investors are those manufactured in the 1970s that have stepped dials, and those developed in the 1980s and 90s with luminous dials. The brand’s limited edition watches from the Speedmaster collection are also extremely sought-after, something that is expected to continue.

Buying Second Hand Omega Watches from Blowers Jewellers

If you are looking for second hand Omega watches, either as an investment opportunity or just to add to your collection, Blowers Jewellers can help. We have amassed decades of experience in helping our clients find the right timepiece for them, no matter their motivation or style preferences. 

Should you be specifically looking for something to invest in, we can use our expertise to guide you through your options and recommend what we believe is the best solution for. We can also provide an expert valuation on your existing timepiece and purchase it from you if you are looking to cash in your investment.