The illustrious history of Omega stretches all the way back to 1848. Since then, the brand has been responsible for a whole host of innovations and created some truly timeless pieces. 

Recently, Omega has worked hard, improving movements, the quality of bracelets from the older style push pin to screw fittings and the boxes and presentation have really moved on.

For some enthusiasts Omega have become pound for pound in terms of quality, output and recognition a genuine alternative to Rolex, and for many value wise the only option. Its distinctive styles also match the current shift in trend, which has seen more modern and oversized models replaced by the more traditional and minimalistic timepieces of old. 

Omega is a fantastic choice if you are interested in owning a brand that has been used by prominent individuals across history. From presidents and kings to spies and movie stars, the Omega brand has been synonymous with fame. One of their watches was even the first to be worn on the moon in 1969.

No matter whether you are a watch enthusiast or just looking for something that will suit your style, there is certain to be several vintage Omega watches to meet your requirements.

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Seamaster Ploprof

The Omega Seamaster Plongeur Professional, more commonly known by the abbreviation “Ploprof”, was released in 1971 in conjunction with the COMEX company and famous explorer Jacques Cousteau. Its name is derived from the French words ‘Plongeur Professionnel’, or ‘professional diver’.

COMEX commissioned both Omega and Rolex to devise a solution to combat the problem of helium seeping into the cases of standard diving watches, expanding when the divers ascend to sea level and blowing the crystals off the cases. While Rolex developed the Helium Escape Valve (HEV), Omega’s solution was to create a timepiece so robust that helium couldn’t get inside in the first place. The product of this was the Seamaster Ploprof. 

The watch features a large red button that was used as a safety lock for the bezel and a crown locking nut. Original models were water resistant to 600 metres, while Omega released a re-edition of the timepiece in 2009 that could reach depths of 1,200 metres.

One of the most unusual and eccentric watch designs to ever emerge from any manufacturer, the Omega Seamaster Ploprof is a must for any collector. 

De Ville

Released in 1960 as a part of the much larger Seamaster series, the Omega De Ville became its very own separate collection in 1967. The goal of the De Ville was to keep the overarching classy and dressy design of the Seamaster, but make some minor changes to make it more appealing to a winder and younger audience. 

These changes included a more competitive pricing structure, a wider variety of cases and more interesting design choices. All of this helped propel the De Ville to become Omega’s fastest-selling collection. 

Much like most vintage Omega watches, the De Ville has been seen on the wrist of several famous people. In the world of film and TV, the timepiece was worn by Sean Connery in “From Russia with Love”, while it was also adorned by Don Draper in series five of “Mad Men”. In the real world, the watch was worn by none other than Pope John Paul II.

If you are somebody who appreciates a sophisticated style that encompasses high quality watch movements and expert craftsmanship, the Omega De Ville is the one for you.  


Often referred to as the “odd collection” the Genève series of timepieces is used as a label for all different sorts of watches – from dress watches to more sporty varieties. Despite its eclectic nature, the Genève collection certainly doesn’t lack any of the traditional Omega craftsmanship. 

Some of the most popular Genève models include the Chronostop ca.1970, which boasts a monopusher chronograph function. The timepiece only has one pusher, which is used to start, pause and reset the red seconds hand. If you want to stop time altogether, you will need to push and hold down the button. If you release it, the hand will reset to zero again. 

Other, more dressy vintage Genève watches tend to be the most popular of the collection – thanks to their simple and classic design, and wider, more prominent dial. 

If you are looking for more suave and dashing vintage Omega watches, the Genève collection is an absolute must. 


This is easily one of the most famous vintage Omega watches. Every avid collector of timepieces knows that the Speedy (as it is affectionately known) holds the honour of being the first watch on the surface of the moon, when Buzz Aldrin took his 105.012 with him on the Apollo mission. 

The Speedmaster itself launched in 1957 as a racing and sport chronograph. Its name was inspired by the tachymeter ring that encircles the dial. The first version of the watch also bore the name “broad arrow” after the design of its hour hand.

Whatever version of the timepiece you decide to go for, the Speedmaster is a must for any collector of vintage Omega watches. 


The Constellation was once considered to be the flagship timepiece of the entire Omega collection. Dating back to 1952, the watch came about as a result of Omega’s limited edition Centenary Collection launched in 1948.

Demand for this Centenary Collection was so high, that the Constellation was created as a way to appease the masses.  

Early models of the Constellation featured diamond shaped hour markers, while other common characteristics include pie-pan dials and golden features throughout – including hands, dials, hour markers, logos and wording. Every single timepiece also features a hand-engraved observatory of Geneva. 

Easily wearable and truly one-of-a-kind, the Constellation collection is a must for any avid collector of vintage Omega watches.

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