Patek Philippe is widely regarded as being one of the world’s finest watch manufacturers. The brand is home to some of the most prestigious and expensive timepieces, alongside such names as Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Omega. 

Vintage Patek Philippe watches are especially popular amongst collectors and enthusiasts alike. Whether it is down to rarity, workmanship or the level of influence the brand possesses, there are many reasons to add one to your own collection.

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The concept of supply and demand is quite simple to understand. The more rare an item is, the more sought after it tends to be. This is especially true in the case of vintage Patek Philippe watches. 

It is said that fewer than one million Patek Philippe watches have been made since 1839. This is less than some other high-end Swiss manufacturers produce in a year. Only 50,000 timepieces are created by Patek Philippe every year, compared to Rolex that churns out over 800,000 models every 12 months.

The reason for this scarcity is the detailed production process that each Patek Philippe timepiece has to go through. Even the most simple of designs and movements can take up to nine months to create, while the more complicated watches take two years to develop. Meanwhile, the global demand for these watches is growing constantly. 

The rarity of vintage watches in general make them incredibly valuable and sought after by collectors. Add this to the scarcity of vintage Patek Philippe timepieces and it is easy to see why they make good investments. Indeed, the slower production rate makes the brand extremely exclusive and niche, thereby making it even more desirable.

Some vintage Patek Philippe watches are so sought-after that would-be buyers have to submit an application and demonstrate they are a sufficiently high calibre collector. 


The pursuit of quality is paramount at Patek Philippe, indeed, the entire company is built around it. In 2008, the firm imposed a strict set of standards known as the Patek Philippe Seal, which often went way beyond the industry standard at the time. This process involves the rigorous testing of components and the time-keeping accuracy of the watches, plus the meticulous hand-setting of diamonds and hand-painting of enamel.

This commitment to quality does not just stop with the watches themselves, as Patek Philippe also places great emphasis on staff training. Whether they be a watchmaker, salesperson or customer service representative, everybody is given the same level of training and has an equal level of importance within the company. 

In addition, the brand also offers the first-ever lifetime service pledge in the history of watchmaking. This means that any timepiece, whether it be a modern model or a vintage Patek Philippe made in the 1830s, can be restored or maintained whenever necessary. What’s more, Patek Philippe is one of the only brands in the world that produces all of its movement components in-house. 


Both vintage Patek Philippe watches and modern iterations are held in extremely high regard amongst influential people and A-List celebrities alike. Some of the most historical people to have owned a Patek Philippe timepiece include Queen Elizabeth II, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela and Pablo Picasso. When it comes to famous fans, the list includes the likes of Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr and Ed Sheeran. 

The brand has also had a major impact on pop culture, with artists such as Cardi B, Meek Mill, Tinashe, Offset and DJ Khaled releasing songs that mention Patek Philippe watches in their lyrics. In fact, Billboard published a list of 25 artists who rapped about the company in 2018. Each time, the Patek Philippe brand is referenced as a symbol of wealth and power. 


Every single vintage Patek Philippe watch is manufactured using genuine artistry and exceptional craftsmanship. Producing each individual timepiece involves various painstaking processes such as inlays, setting of precious stones and extremely delicate engraving. Even manufacturing a subtle component such as the wheels consists of a process that contains about 40 to 60 steps. Every single minute detail of a Patek Philippe timepiece is noticeable, from the faceted bezel, the hands and the dial. 

Investment Potential

Unlike many watchmakers, Patek Philippe watches have an excellent resale value. This makes timepieces by this brand extremely good for investment, as its value will most likely increase over time. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see vintage Patek Philippe watches or more modern iterations on the secondary trading market for very high prices.

For example, an original Nautilus from 1970 that could have been picked up for less than $3,000 will today attract an asking price of around $50,000. A Calatrava could have been purchased for around $300 in the 1950s, while today it can be sold for over $20,000. 


The Patek Philippe brand started in 1839 and is one of the world’s oldest watch manufacturers. It has remained family owned throughout this time and it is now in its fourth generation of ownership. This level of consistency in the firm’s policies has allowed it to go from strength to strength, and it shows no signs of stopping.

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