As the demand for high quality, luxury watches increases, so too does the number of counterfeits flooding the market. For every appearance by a Rolex in a movie, thousands of fakes will appear overnight seemingly out of nowhere. 

The 21st century has seen the rise of near-perfect fakes; the days of people picking up a hunk of £10 metal and glueing a Rolex logo onto the face are in the past. A fake Rolex these days can set you back over £1000 and they are much harder for the untrained eye to spot. Knowing how to spot a fake Rolex can save you big bucks and ensure that what you have in your hands is indeed your dream watch.

Are you looking to buy an authentic Rolex but aren’t sure what to look out for? Over fifty years of experience in luxury watches means that Blowers Watches are perfectly placed with huge resources and a wealth of knowledge to help you, and make sure you get a 100% authentic, fully guaranteed watch, not a hunk of fake junk.

How to Identify a Fake Rolex 

Rolex is a brand that is elegant yet incredibly robust, it exudes heritage and culture. While its standing as the best luxury watchmaker will always be a topic for debate — due in part to the high price tag — its status as the world’s leading brand of watch is undisputed.

If you’re going to pay thousands of pounds for a brand new or second hand luxury watch, you want to be guaranteed quality at a fair price. Fortunately, when it comes to working out how to spot a fake Rolex, there are a few things to look out for which will protect you from scam sales. 

Weight Test

The first and most simple test you should take to check the authenticity of any Rolex is to inspect the weight. If you pick up, or try on a fake Rolex, it is almost guaranteed to be much more lightweight than the real thing, especially a precious metal model, this is due to it being made out of much lower-grade materials. 

Legitimate Rolexes are made of high quality metal, with additional weight from the crafted bracelet supporting the timepiece itself. This will make any Rolex noticeably heavy. If it’s authentic, you can feel it on your wrist. 

Check the Back

The next step for checking the authenticity of a Rolex is to take a peek at the back. The first thing to note is that all Rolexes feature a smooth case back with the exception of some vintage watches from the 30s, and the Sea Dweller range.

Rolex is built around consistency, and they believe that a smooth polished watch case back is a more refined look than the engraved trend. As a result, an engraved back likely means counterfeit. There should be no trace of a logo, no images, and no clear glass to see the mechanism. 

It should be noted that some rare earlier Rolex models may contain some form of engraving on the watch case back. If this is the market you are looking into, make sure to do some additional research or speak to an expert.

Watch (and Listen for) the Second Hand

Keeping an eye on the second hand and its movements can be a huge indicator towards the legitimacy of a Rolex. 

It is a widely held misconception that Rolexes have a perfect sweeping movement around the watch face. Closer inspection will reveal that they do in fact move at around six-eight ticks per second. At a glance though, this will appear smooth. A counterfeit Rolex is unlikely to have the required quality of components to achieve this effect, and is more likely to noticeably stutter around the face. 

If you can’t spot a difference in the movement of the second hand, try closing your eyes and listening instead. If you can hear a distinct ticking sound with each passing second then the watch could be a fake. 

Rolex watches generally have fully mechanical movements, this gives them the trademark smooth sweep, and also does not make any ticking noise. As a cost saving measure, counterfeit Rolexes will often use quartz movements as they are cheaper to produce, but much easier to spot and hear. 

That being said, Rolex did produce a range of Oyster models that said “Oyster Quartz” on the dial. This is another good reason to check with an expert before making purchases — or better yet buy from a trusted pre-owned specialist who can verify everything for you. 

How to Avoid Purchasing a Fake Rolex

When purchasing an authentic luxury watch, knowing what to look out for is only half the battle. If you know how to spot a potentially fraudulent dealer or deal before you engage, you don’t need to fear fakes quite as much, because you should be confident in its authenticity the second you walk through the door.

Avoid Unreliable Auctions

As a general rule of thumb, when it comes to purchasing high end luxury watches such as Rolexes, it is probably wise to avoid dealing with unverified sellers on online auction sites like Ebay. Unless you are experienced on these sites, know how to verify trustworthiness, and are knowledgeable on how to spot a fake, it probably isn’t worth the risk. 

The lack of policing for authenticity and reliability on these sites mean they can often be a hotbed for forgeries and counterfeits. 

Work with Reputable Jewellers

The best way to avoid purchasing a fake Rolex is to only work with a dealer you know you can trust. In the modern world with constant access to all the information you need, finding a dealer you can trust has never been easier. 

There are thousands of reputable watch dealers and jewellers around the world available at your fingertips. You also have immediate access to reviews from previous customers detailing the quality of the service and product they received.

Trust Your Instincts

As the saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you have researched the average price of a particular Rolex and find one for an unbelievable price, there is a very good chance it could be just that — unbelievable.

Don’t blindly follow a good deal. If your instincts say something is off, it might be worth listening and either backing away, or finding an independent third party to verify legitimacy. 

How Blowers Jewellers can Help 

Selecting and purchasing a new Rolex is an exciting time. Whether it’s to add to your collection, or a dream purchase that’s finally come true, you don’t want to discover too late that you wasted thousands of hard earned pounds on a forgery. 

If you’re considering purchasing a Rolex and want to avoid any fears over authenticity, Blowers Jewellers can provide you with a service you are guaranteed to trust. 

Decades of experience in jewellery and luxury watches means we are perfectly equipped to spot a fake watch. All of the watches we offer are thoroughly vetted so you can be sure of quality. We can find the perfect watch for you without the stress.
For more information about how Blowers Jewellers can assist you finding the perfect authentic Rolex, or guide you through our stunning collection of second hand luxury timepieces, contact us today.