A luxury watch can be bought for all manner of reasons — as a statement piece to wear at functions or as a dream purchase; it can be bought to be passed down as a family heirloom, to be added to a collection, or as an investment. However, as with all possessions, the time may come when you decide to part with your timepiece and sell it on to a third party. 

But what are the reasons why you would sell your luxury watch?

Why Should I Sell My Luxury Watch?

When it comes to why you are justifying selling your luxury watch, it is entirely personal. Much like reasons for buying your piece, there are all manner of reasons why you might wish to sell — from wanting to upgrade, needing the money, the sale price rising, etc., your reason is your own. 

Some common reasons why people may consider selling their luxury watch are as follows: 

The Money 

This is probably obvious, but for many people selling a watch may just come down to needing the money. Maybe you need some structural work done on your house, or perhaps you’re bringing a child into the world and could do with some extra cash. There are countless common justifications for needing money quickly, and selling a high value item like a watch can likely help.

The Rising Value 

In a world where investments such as cryptocurrency, stocks and property are the hot topics, more people than ever are keeping an eye on the value of their high ticket items. 

Things like watches, antique cars, jewellery, memorabilia, etc. can all fluctuate in price for a variety of different reasons, and keeping up to date with them could net you a huge profit if you sell at the right time. 

The Upgrade 

The luxury watch you might have bought as a treat in your 20s might not be the perfect timepiece to suit your style by the time you retire. Shifting tastes is a reality of life, and luxury watches are not immune to this. 

If you find yourself opting against taking your watch out, eying up a piece you see on somebody’s wrist, or heading into dealerships to ‘browse’, it could be time for an upgrade. If your fridge or car were no longer suitable then you would likely not hesitate to change it up if you had the means, so why not a watch? 

The Upkeep 

Why is a raven like a writing desk? Because both can produce a note. Why is a luxury watch like an antique car? Because both require dedicated upkeep and care. Buying and owning a luxury watch is not the same experience as popping down to the nearest shopping centre and picking up a smart watch. 

With a luxury timepiece comes additional prestige, it shows you appreciate the finer things in life. But owning these finer things means you also need to look after them. There is maintenance to these items, to prolong their appearance and function. 

Additionally, should your watch break down entirely, not only is it a sad waste of such exquisite craftsmanship, but the repair can often cost a pretty penny — leaving many to opt out altogether. 

The Space 

With so many great luxury watches to buy, it’s possible that you might lack the space required to display all of your timepieces at one time or you need to make room for a model. Collecting luxury watches is an expensive hobby, and there’s little use of having a valuable piece in a drawer when you could sell it on to make space for a new addition to your collection. 

How to Sell Your Luxury Watch

Selling your watch can be both an emotionally and mentally taxing experience — particularly without ample preparation. Before you begin the process to sell your luxury watch, it is important that you get all necessary paperwork, find a trustworthy and reputable buyer, have your timepiece verified, and agree on a price that suits both parties. 

The steps you should follow when selling your luxury watch are as follows: 

  • Preparation: It is important that you try to locate original document guarantees, service history, proof of purchase, original box, and original paper manual. This is to ensure the most stress-free sale possible, while also likely having a huge positive impact on the final price.  
  • Find the right buyer: One of the most important steps is to find a buyer you know you can trust.
  • Contact your buyer: After reaching out to your prospective buyer, they will likely ask for things from you — usually this will include photos, manufacturer’s warranty etc. It is usually at this stage that an initial quote will be provided.
  • Send your item: Once the initial quote has been received, if it is acceptable then the next step is usually to send your watch to the buyer for inspection, verification, and further checks. 
  • Final price and sale: Once all of these steps are completed, if the buyer is still interested in continuing with the purchase, then they will make a final offer for your watch. This will be based upon the outcome of the checks so may differ from the initial offer. If the offer is accepted then money will be transferred and the exchange will be complete. 

Are There Any Other Options?

When it comes to selling your luxury watch, it doesn’t have to be so black and white as agreeing a price with a buyer and going your separate ways. If there’s a piece you’ve got your eye on, it may be possible to negotiate a part exchange — swapping your unwanted watch for an item that might better suit your needs. 

Part exchange combines selling your watch, with the good feelings of getting your hands on something new in the most stripped down, stress free, and fastest method possible. 
If part exchange sounds like it suits you, don’t hesitate to browse Blowers’ collection of luxury watches, see if anything stands out and takes your fancy, and contact us with your part exchange request.

Why Sell Your Luxury Watch with Blowers?

When it comes to selling your luxury watch, there are all manner of potential reasons, and your case is unique to you. One thing that should remain consistent though is finding a reliable buyer. 

Blowers are one of the most trusted dealers of second-hand luxury watches across the UK and Europe thanks to our experience, client-centric attitude, diligence and transparency. 

In operation for over 50 years, Blowers are perfectly placed to help you sell your luxury watch for the best price possible for both parties. If you would prefer we offer an excellent part exchange service to help you get your hands on your next dream item.

For more information on selling your luxury watch with Blowers check out our guide.  For further assistance with selling your luxury watch, contact a member of our team today — we can help provide you with more information, assist you with picking out a new piece, and more. 

You can get in touch with us via email or over the phone, or via appointment at our Mayfair location, or you are free to swing by our flagship boutique in Kingston-Upon-Hull for a chat and a browse of our wares.