TAG Heuer watches are highly sought-after timepieces. Well-known for their style and innovation, a TAG Heuer will turn heads no matter if you’re at a function, attending an F1 event or simply taking a stroll in the park.

But there’s a question that many have on their lips; are TAG Heuer watches a good investment?

If you were about to spend a few thousand pounds on a luxury it’s understandable that you’d want to know more about its true worth and whether it’s likely to increase, retain or lose value in the coming years.

Blowers Jewellers have seen a fair share of TAG Heuer watches in our five-decade history. Below, we share our expertise on the subject and provide insights on how to find the most lucrative model for investment.

What Makes a TAG Heuer Watch a Good Investment

The Swiss watch brand is revered worldwide, which makes many TAG Heuer timepieces worthy investments. By hitting the right notes across the entire board, the company has created mass appeal. Here’s how the brand has managed to stand out in a crowded market:


Even those who aren’t watch collectors or enthusiasts can appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into a TAG Heuer watch. Their designs are bold and encompassing, which means the eye is instantly drawn to their unique look.

As an example, the striking black, white and yellow colour scheme found on the Carrera X Porsche model highlights the intricacies that go into crafting such an iconic appearance.

The use of alligator leather for models such as the Carrera Chronograph CVA1R.FC6235 also creates the impression that each watch goes above and beyond the norm. Ceramic cases only back up the feeling of luxury even further.

Models are made from a variety of materials including steel, titanium and carbon. However, you can also find TAG Heuer watches made using copper and gold that epitomise elegance and style. 


There’s a reason why the TAG Heuer make is so popular in the world of sport. The development of the Mikrograph — a mechanical chronograph that’s five times more accurate than any other — is perfect for timekeeping. As a result, TAG Heuer can boast a collection of timepieces with an accuracy of 5/10,000th’s of a second. 

The company also created the first ever luxury Connected watch in 2015 to meet the demands of the modern market.

With four production sites, TAG Heuer is constantly building on the company’s already rich history. The Swiss brand is determined to carry on making innovations that will shape the world of watchmaking for many years to come.

Partnerships & Collaboration

One of the main reasons TAG Heuer watches are considered an excellent investment can be attributed to the brand’s active and engaging marketing. With such a deep rooted history in the world of sport, you’re almost certain to have seen the company logo by simply attending a sporting event.

Motorsports are most associated with the brand. TAG Heuer has long-lasting partnerships with the following to name just a few examples:

  • Red Bull Racing
  • Formula 1
  • Formula E
  • The Monaco Grand Prix
  • The Indy 500

As well as these motorsport staples, you’re also likely to see their branding across tennis courts and golf courses around the world.

In short, TAG Heuer is front and centre when it comes to high profile sports, but that’s not where their powerful and ambitious marketing ends. Hollywood stars such as Ryan Gosling and Patrick Dempesy are brand ambassadors, putting TAG Heuer firmly on the red carpet.

When it comes to iconic collaborations, the Swiss watchmakers upped the ante in 2021 when they released a Limited Edition Super Mario timepiece in collaboration with Nintendo’s flagship series. Unsurprisingly, the collection sold out very quickly, showing the impact intelligent partnerships have in increasing demand. 

The Best TAG Heuer Watch to Invest in

There are many fantastic TAG Heuer watches to invest in, and you’re sure to find a quality timepiece that provides everything you’re looking for. Top collections include Monaco and Carrera — as well as the limited editions and collaboration pieces we mentioned earlier.

Let’s take a closer look at your best options:

TAG Heuer Monaco

The TAG Heuer Monaco hit the mass public’s eye after appearing on the wrist of the legendary actor Steve McQueen in “Le Mans” — a movie centred around motorsports no less. 

A bold design and unique square shape helped set this model apart from the rest of the company’s catalogue when it was first unveiled in 1969. Upon initially being released, this stand-out design led to the Monaco’s limited success. However, once the model was revived in 1998, it saw a huge surge in popularity and attracted an ardent fanbase.

Today, the TAG Heuer Monaco is one of the brand’s main pillars of success, making it the perfect piece to invest in.

TAG Heuer Carrera

Named after the thrilling Carrera Panamericana rally racing event, TAG Heuer Carrera watches were made to cater for true speed aficionado’s. The model was revived in 1996 after being discontinued in the 1980s — instantly hitting the mark with motor enthusiasts.
To celebrate the 88th birthday of Jack Heuer, a special edition was launched in 2020; the Carrera Jack Heuer Birthday Gold Limited Edition. While the Birthday editions are hard to come by, we do have a range of other highly collectable TAG Heuer Carrera watches for you to browse.

Do TAG Heuer Watches Hold Their Value?

Because TAG Heuer is such a well known brand across the world, several models such as the Monaco do retain and build on their value. As with all investments though, the market does fluctuate, so you have to consider carefully when to buy or sell.

Having all the original documentation — including a Certificate of Authenticity — will certainly help your TAG Heuer hold its value. You will also need to regularly maintain your Swiss timepiece to ensure it is in perfect working order.

How to Find a TAG Heuer Watch’s Value

As you can imagine, there are many different models associated with the TAG Heuer brand and it would be impossible for us to list an accurate value for each one without seeing them firsthand. However, you can carry out your own research online to help you gain an initial idea.

The watch market has boomed in recent years thanks to the internet. Genuine experts are sharing tips on how to find fair and accurate values for a range of watches.

You can also see how much the TAG Heuer timepiece you have your eye on is selling for across different platforms. We do urge caution when taking this route, though. Too-good-to-be-true prices are always a red flag, so stick to well known jewellers and watch specialists such as Blowers for the most reliable service.

Want to Value Your TAG Heuer Watch?

If you want to determine whether any TAG Heuer watch you currently own has been a good investment, Blowers Jewellers provides a stellar valuation service. To offer you the most accurate price, we would need the documentation you received when you purchased it such as:

  • Receipts 
  • Service records
  • A Guarantee of Authenticity
  • Warranty cards
  • Original packaging

If you don’t have all the items listed above, we can still make a valuation but it may take us a little longer to find the most accurate answer.

To begin, we’re more than happy to provide an approximate evaluation based on photos and a description. However, you will need to send your TAG Heuer watch to us if you would like us to make an offer.

Where Should I Sell My TAG Heuer Watch?

When it comes to parting with a timepiece, you have many options these days. Selling your watch via an auction, through online platforms, and direct to jewellers are likely the most popular choices. If you want to get the best price and an expert’s opinion though, going to a specialist such as Blowers is always the smartest option.

Not only will we provide a fair and accurate price, our 50 years in the industry means reputation is our most valuable asset. We will treat you and your TAG Heuer watch with the utmost respect, delivering the high quality service you deserve.

We also offer a part exchange service if you’d like to replace your timepiece for something new, and of course, you can buy TAG Heuer watches from our online store, too.

No matter your requirements, Blowers Jewellers is here to help.