Panerai are one of the most popular and highly sought after names in the world of luxury watchmaking, and form a common part of any watch collection. 

But, how do you know what the best Panerai watch to collect is? What factors make a Panerai model a great opinion for any self confessed collector? 

In this blog we discuss all of this, as well as explain the history of the famed Swiss company. Discover your dream watch with Blowers Jewellers. 

A Brief History of Panerai

Officine Panerai as it is known today, was founded in 1860 in Florence. Initially, Panerai was conceived to combine the functions of a watchmaking school, a repair workshop, and a showroom under one roof. The company soon became an influential figure in the sale of Swiss watches.  

By the turn of the twentieth century, Panerai forged an agreement as an official supplier for the Italian Royal Navy — setting the company on its way as a brand synonymous with military watchmaking. 

The demands of the Italian navy continued to increase in the early twentieth century, and in 1916, the Panerai Radiomir was unveiled. The Radiomir was an innovation in the market that far surpassed the luminosity of anything on the market at the time thanks to its use of the recently discovered Radium. 

With unrest growing in Europe, the Italian Navy again made the call to Panerai who in turn produced their first ever watch. This 47mm model was powered using a Rolex calibre and boasted glowing Radiomir indices. 

In the time since their very first innovation, Panerai has experienced some brief periods in the wilderness, away from public attention. However, the hard work and stewardship of Dino Zei plus the brand’s popularity among the Hollywood elite (thanks to an endorsement from Sylvester Stallone), helped the brand reach new heights in the 90s. 

This newfound success allowed Panerai to establish itself as a household name, and attract one of the most ardent fanbases in the world of luxury watches, the Paneristi.   
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Are Panerai Watches Worth Collecting?

The Panerai name is synonymous with both quality and luxury. As a result, it is one of the most popular watch brands in the world, but are Panerai watches worth collecting in the first place? From its status and eye-catching designs, to its history and innovations, we believe that there are a variety of different reasons to collect Panerai. 

Reasons why Panerai watches are worth collecting include: 

Hollywood Endorsement

As long as the concept of ‘celebrity’ has existed, brands have clamoured to pay them to endorse their products. From trainers to cars, no matter what the product, a celebrity has probably endorsed it. 

In this influencer dominated landscape, we feel that the true sign of the sheer quality of a product is in who is willing to wear and endorse it on a day-to-day basis without needing to be paid to do so. 

As mentioned above, the Panerai brand was brought to the fore in a big way when Hollywood megastar Sylvester Stallone noticed them when filming in Rome and brought some back with him to give as gifts to close friends. 

Since then, the Panerai silhouette has graced the wrists of Presidents and Rappers, CEOs and athletes, as well as maintaining a strong foothold when it comes to the most famous actors in the world today, including Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenneger, and Dwayne Johnson. 

Environmentally Conscious 

In early 2021, Panerai unveiled their latest innovation; a concept watch designed to open a dialogue in the watchmaking industry on environmental impact. 

The Submersible eLAB-ID was created with unmatched amounts of recycled materials. Around 99% of the watch was previously something else. In creating this innovative new sustainable watch model, Panerai worked with a variety of environmentally conscious suppliers — the list of which the Swiss watch brand opted to release to the public and their competitors in an attempt to encourage others to follow their lead. 

Nowadays Panerai represent something more than just stunning watches, they represent a standard of what the industry can achieve if it works together. For a watch collector with a sustainable mind, look no further than Panerai. 


Not only do lots of models of Panerai watches hold their value, some even increase in their value over time. 

Panerai have created a niche for themselves as a truly cool brand of luxury watches. Their product stands out amongst other popular brands like Rolex or Patek Philippe, and as a result they attract a totally different consumer base that is always looking to buy a watch from their favourite brand. 
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The Most Collectable Panerai Watches

Thanks to over 150 years of innovation, rarity, and a unique brand name, Panerai watches have attracted attention from collectors around the globe. Among these collectors, there is a list of models that garner more adoration above all others. These include:

For any aspiring Panerai collector, make sure that you keep a keen eye out for some of the following. They are the most collectable Panerai watches around: 

Panerai Luminor Marina Militare PAM00036

The reason that the PAM00036 is such an attractive proposition for collectors is due to the connection it has to the brand’s history. 

The PAM00036 was created to tie into the Navy roots of the brand. It features an iconic dial layout in distinctive brown based on vintage pieces. In addition, this model also boasts a rare ‘Marina Militare Officine Panerai’ inscription on its dial. Panerai sought special permission from the Italian Navy in order to use this inscription to make this piece that little bit more unique and special. 

The price of this model can be upwards of £25,000, so it may be worth keeping an eye out in case you can ever find it at a good price. 

Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic

As the first watch Panerai ever patented and produced, the Radiomir name has a strong cult following within collectors of luxury watches. The modern Radiomirs bear great similarities to the original from the 1930s. 

Modern Radiomirs look very similar to the iconic origins with its square case with rounded corners, its round dial, and art nouveau numerals. 

This model pays homage to the tradition of dive watches, while also being sure to innovate in virtually all aspects of the piece. It ensured heads turned in the watch loving communities upon release of this modern classic. 

Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Day Automatic 42mm

The Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Day Automatic 42mm stands out among other modern watches due to its size and design. While exceedingly more contemporary pieces are opting for larger cases, this model’s 42mm version in particular stands out as a more practical choice for any enthusiasts who may prefer a more subtle, modest wristwatch. 

In line with the brand’s Navy origins, the 1950 3 Day Automatic is water-resistant to an impressive depth of up to 300 metres, and is adorned with a natural, leather strap with contrasting stitching. 

Luminor Due (PAM00675)

The Luminor Due models are considered the dressiest released by Panerai. This means that they can seamlessly fit into a boardroom or cocktail party setting, as well as for day to day use. 

The dials of the PAM00675 have an attractive sheen that derives from its sun-brushed anthracite material. It also boasts a strong anti-shock technology as well as water resistance up to 30 metres.

Why Buy From Blowers Jewellers 

Ultimately, the question of what is the best Panerai watch to collect will depend on your tastes and intentions. If you wish to collect the most attractive display pieces possible, your eye will be drawn to certain models, while if you are strictly intending to make a profit, you may prefer looking elsewhere. 

Panerai’s unquestionable cool factor, striking design, innovation, and ardent fan base ensures that the brand will always have a willing resale market. 

Blowers Jewellers have been dealing in second hand luxury watches for decades. We know as much about the resale market as anybody else, and are on hand to help advise you should you seek assistance with picking out a stunning Panerai watch, or a piece from another luxury brand such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, or Audemars Piguet

Our experience in luxury watches and jewellery make us perfectly equipped to help you find the perfect watch for you — no matter what you’re looking for we can help. 
For more information about how Blowers Jewellers can assist you finding the perfect Panerai watch, or guide you through our stunning collection of second hand luxury timepieces, contact us today.