When it comes to fine watchmaking, brands which carry the same level of prestige and history as OMEGA are few and far between. Established at La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1848 by Louis Brandt, the OMEGA name has been synonymous with precision timekeeping and innovation for over 100 years. 

Not only that, but a number of iconic OMEGA watches have adorned the wrists of famed astronauts, spies, acting royalty, and even actual royalty. While some of the allure of the brand comes from its heritage and its association with iconic figures, OMEGA timepieces can also be a wise investment. But what is the best OMEGA watch for investment, and what should you keep an eye out for if you’re looking to add one of the brand’s pieces to your collection?

The Legacy of OMEGA Watches

The legacy of OMEGA is one of consistent watchmaking excellence for more than a century. The brand has been responsible for many great innovations in the industry, and their watches have been on the wrists of some of the most famous people in human history. 

One of the things that OMEGA is best known for, and is rightly highly proud of, is its connection to both the Space Race and NASA Apollo missions. 

The OMEGA Speedmaster, often referred to as “the Moonwatch” has been on every single manned NASA space mission since it was qualified by NASA back in 1965 ahead of the Apollo 11 space mission to the Moon. The iconic watch has become so synonymous with this branch of human innovation that it has become a symbol of NASA’s efforts in space exploration and technological advancement. 
Despite cementing its place in horological history with the NASA association, OMEGA’s Seamaster watches also share a storied history as the preferred timepiece of James Bond for the last 25+ years. This association with such a beloved and, to many, ‘cool’ character makes their watches even more desirable for both collectors and investors alike.

Factors That Make Ideal OMEGA Watches for Investment 

Finding the best OMEGA watch for investment can be a highly rewarding endeavour. However, it’s important to carefully consider a number of key factors that make a watch from this particular brand perfect for investment. This can include the watches’ particular model and series, its condition, rarity, provenance, and more. 

Key questions you should answer that can earmark ideal OMEGA watches for investment include: 

Is the Item Limited Edition or Vintage? 

Limited edition watches, as a general rule, tend to appreciate in value over time. While not always the case, limited edition OMEGA watches do tend to fall in line in this regard. 

The limited edition nature of these watches means that they will often be produced in limited quantities, this will lead to them becoming exceedingly rarer as time goes on. This can make them highly sought after by collectors. 

Additionally, vintage pieces, particularly those from the mid-20th century and earlier, will be much rarer. Rare OMEGA watches have significant investment potential. 

Is the Particular Model Iconic? 

Some models of OMEGA watches have proven themselves, over years and decades, to be consistently sound investment pieces. This can often be associated with the name value of the model, and its iconic status. 


For example, the OMEGA Speedmaster, the Moonwatch, is an evergreen option for watch enthusiasts and investors. This means that, due to its historical significance and timeless design, it makes for one of the best Omega watches for investment ever. Similarly, Seamaster series watches have proven to be a constant hit among collectors for many years.  

What is the Model’s Condition? 

When looking for an OMEGA watch for investment, one of the main things you need to keep an eye on is the timepiece’s condition, as this will play a key role in determining its investment potential. 

A pristine, well-preserved OMEGA watch is likely to fetch a much better price than a dirty broken one, even if they are the exact same model. Additionally, you should be highly cautious about purchasing a watch that has undergone significant modifications/restoration. This is because, if the watch can not be considered ‘all-original’, it may not hold its value as well. 

What is its Provenance? 

In exceptional circumstances, the story that led the particular watch you are looking at to be where it is in the moment can actually significantly impact its value. 

Watches with strong provenance, such as a timepiece owned by a notable individual, will command a significantly inflated price. For example, Paul Newman’s ‘Exotic’ Rolex Daytona 6329 sold at auction for $17.75m, making it one of the most expensive watches ever sold. The primary factor that led this watch to be valued this highly is its provenance and association with the famous racing driver/actor. 

Does the Watch Have all the Necessary Documentation? 

If you have your heart set on an Omega watch for investment, you must ensure that it comes with all of the necessary authentication and documentation. This included certificates of authenticity, service records, and the original box and papers. This documentation serves to enhance the watches provenance, and in turn its value. 

Should the watch not have any of this, it does not mean it has no value, it just likely won’t be worth as much. 


5 of the Best OMEGA Watches for Investment

So, which is the best Omega watch for investment? While there are a wide variety of options to choose from, easily one of the most compelling options remains the iconic OMEGA Speedmaster Professional. Other options to consider include the OMEGA Seamaster series, particularly if you have a vintage or limited edition model, and many more. 

A selection of the best OMEGA watches for investment includes: 

  • Omega Speedmaster Professional (Moonwatch): As highlighted above, this iconic Speedmaster model is most well-known for its association with the Apollo Moon missions. Its status as the first watch model worn on the Moon as part of the Apollo 11 mission in 1969 makes it highly sought after by collectors and investors alike, all looking to own a piece of history. 
  • OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M: The OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M is a noteworthy model for investors. Some limited edition versions of this watch, such as the James Bond editions, have appreciated in value since release and could prove to be excellent purchasers. 
  • OMEGA Constellation: The Constellation collection is an embodiment of OMEGA’s commitment to precision and elegance. It boasts an iconic design, including the “claws” on the bezel as wella s the observatory emblem on the case back. Vintage Constellations, particularly those with “pie-pan” dials hold an esteemed status amongst collectors.
  • Noteworthy Special Editions:  It is always worth looking out for one of OMEGAs special limited edition models. This includes the “Speedy Tuesday” editions or the “Snoopy Award” Speedmaster. These rare releases often see a significant appreciation due to their exclusive status. 

Limited Edition Railmasters: Not one of the most heralded OMEGA collections, limited edition Railmasters can be an astute purchase. Models such as the Railroad Official Standard, Seamaster Railmaster, and the Railmaster Flightmaster are extremely rare and highly collectable.

Find Your Ideal Omega Watch Today 

While any OMEGA watch should be seen as a statement of luxury, style, and master-craftsmanship, choosing one with maximum investment potential, while difficult, can make the process even more rewarding. 

If you’re looking for the best OMEGA watch for investment, due to the brand’s rich history, timeless designs, and strong association with iconic moments, people, and characters, there are a number of excellent candidates to add to your collection.  

Ultimately though, when considering which is the best OMEGA for you, look for limited edition and iconic models, prioritise watches in excellent conditions, and favour any model with proven provenance. If you keep these key factors in mind, you should be able to find the perfect watch for you. 

However, while there are excellent candidates out there, identifying which are best for you can be difficult. This is where we can help. With years of experience in matching a person with their ideal timepiece, we are perfectly placed to support you in your search. 

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