As the holiday season approaches, the act of gift-giving naturally takes centre stage. Amidst the myriad of options out there, the allure and master craftsmanship of a luxury watch or the enduring grace of a piece of exquisite jewellery could represent an interesting option. But is a watch a good gift for Christmas, or could it even be bad luck? 

The right timepiece transcends merely being an accessory. In this guide we invite you to unwrap the myths surrounding watch gifting, discover the profound reasons why a luxury watch can make a heartfelt and worthwhile present, and immerse yourself in a selection of some of the best options out there. 

Whether it’s a show stopping gift for him or an opulent surprise for her, we aim to offer valuable insights into the very best watch brands out there. 

Is It Good to Give a Watch as a Gift?

Particularly in the leadup to Christmas, finding the ideal gift for a loved one can seem impossible. If you’re in this position, perhaps it’s time to consider a luxury timepiece? From being a practical gift they’ll actually use every single day, to their longevity for years to come, there are countless reasons why it’s good to give a watch as a gift. 

Whether you’re looking to purchase an ideal present for a spouse/partner, a family member, or a close friend, we have put together five major reasons why a watch is an excellent gift idea. Is a watch a good gift because it can help somebody be on time? Because the value can increase? How about both and much more. Make this Christmas a memorable one with Blowers. 

Give the Gift of Time

As cliché as it may seem, when you gift somebody a watch, what you’re giving them more than anything is the luxury of time. With the busy lives we all live, and the constant exposure to technology, having a watch on your wrist can help keep you present and in the moment, without needing to constantly reach for your phone. 

A gifted watch not only helps somebody be on time more consistently, it also allows them to feel more professional and ready to take on the day’s challenges. 

Watches are for Everyday

As fashionable as a watch can be, it’s also one of the most practical presents you can give. You can wear a timepiece on a daily basis, for a legitimately functional purpose. 

A watch is one of the most enduring gifts money can buy. Are there any better feelings on Christmas morning than giving a loved one a present that you know they will not only love, but they will actually use for years to come? 


The Value Can Increase

It’s unlikely that anyone ever bought an iPad or airfryer as a long-term investment that might actually go up in value. However, did you know that many luxury watches can both hold and even rise in value over the months and years after purchase? 

While selling a gift may not have good connotations, a timepiece created by master craftsmen is something that needs to be worn, enjoyed, and appreciated throughout its lifetime. As a result, if post-purchase, your giftee wanted to sell the watch you gave them for any reason, you shouldn’t view it as rude. 

It instead allows the lifetime of your present to go on — as your loved one may be able to sell or part exchange their current watch and buy another item they’ve fallen in love with. 

Luxury Watches Truly Stand the Test of Time 

Luxury watches are timeless. While other fashion items like bags and shoes will go in and out of style at a moment’s notice, if you choose your watch wisely, the item you give can live on for years and years. 

High-quality luxury watches can even go on to become family heirlooms and be passed down to future generations. 

They Can be a Highly Personal Item

Finding the perfect timepiece to suit a particular person can be a highly personal experience. From selecting the right model, strap, dial, etc. each watch has its own character, just like your future giftee! 

You can even make your gift that bit more personal by engraving a unique and special message onto the back. So whenever they look at their wrist, they can be reminded of who gave it to them. 


Is It Bad Luck To Gift a Watch: Misconceptions & Myths 

Throughout history, some of the more superstitious people have spread the misconception that it is bad luck to gift a watch to somebody. However, as you would expect, in today’s world, a vast majority of people would embrace receiving a watch as a present. 

The origins of the myth may be traced back through Chinese history and folklore. This is because, in Chinese culture, giving a watch as a gift can, for some, be associated with bad fortune due to the way the word ‘watch’ (钟表 zhōngbiǎo) and the word for ‘end’ or ‘terminate’ (终 zhōng) sound similar. 

There are some similar superstitions in regions of Russia and Germany also. This may be linked to the idea of measuring time and its correlation to the symbolism of the passage of our lives. 

While the question of ‘is it bad luck to gift a watch’ has interesting origins, it’s ultimately worth remembering that beliefs and customs can vary greatly among individuals and regions — not everybody will adhere to or even be concerned by a superstition in this day and age — however, it’s generally good practice to be as respectful as you can of local customs when giving gifts in any culture. 

Is a Watch a Good Gift For a Man?

Is the man in your life proving impossible to buy for? A luxury watch is an ideal gift, particularly for him! Men, typically, do not wear a large amount of accessories, with relatively few wearing jewellery (besides a wedding ring). However, wristwatches are often seen as exceptions and items of desire. 

Additionally, in some company, a high quality timepiece can also be seen as an indicator of taste, and even status. However, watches can come in a variety of styles, from casual to highly formal, and can be used as an excellent way to express taste. 

Watches can also have significant sentimental value attached to them. They are often cherished as meaningful gifts, especially when given for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, etc. 

So, is a watch a good gift for a man? Ultimately, a watch should be seen as a thoughtful and practical gift that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any man’s wardrobe. As long as you try to keep in mind your recipient’s tastes and lifestyle, and cross-reference that with factors like the model, the features (water resistance, chronograph functions, etc.),  the type of strap it has, it can be a great choice. 

6 Best Gift Watches For Him

For the man in your life, whether it be a partner, family member, or close friend, you should know that there are a number of ideal gift watches for him on the market. From Tag Heuer to Patek Philippe, there are models your loved one will be able to love and cherish for years to come. 

However, Christmas shopping can be a minefield at the best of times, not least when you’re looking to buy a luxury item like a watch, so it’s vital that you do your research. Whatever your budget, at Blowers Jewellers we have a range of watches perfect for any man in your life, including: 

Tag Heuer 

Well-known for precision and performance, Tag Heuer is a brand often synonymous with sports, most notably racing. So if your partner is a big Formula 1 fan, this brand could be the one of them. 

Tag Heuer offers a variety of different collections, ranging from classic elegance to more sporty models. Names to keep an eye out for include: 



What better watch could you pick out for our partner/husband than the brand beloved by James Bond himself? While donning an OMEGA Seamaster won’t make them a jet-setting super spy, it might help them to feel just as suave as 007 himself. 

OMEGA is a highly respected and prestigious Swiss watchmaker, with some of the most beloved models in the industry. From the aforementioned and iconic Seamaster collection, to OMEGA Speedmaster and Constellation, OMEGA watches are often characterised by exceptional craftsmanship. 


An Italian watch brand with a cult following (the Paneristi), Panerai has only taken off as a name relatively recently after spending much of its life working with the Italian Navy. 

Nowadays, Panerai has become one of the most coveted brands out there. The company is famed for its unique aesthetics, with large, cushion shaped cases, minimalist dials, and a strong nautical influence. 

This distinctive style means that if you are considering Panerai gift watches for a man, it’s worth considering if this style would suit their overall aesthetic. Panerai collections to consider include: 


Likely the most famous brand of watches, and brands in general, in the world, a Rolex would make an exceptional and highly prestigious gift. One of the most renowned and respected Swiss watchmakers, Rolex is known for its timeless designs. 

Synonymous with luxury, prestige, and high society, owning a Rolex is a status symbol that can represent success and accomplishment. Many Rolex models such as the Submariner, Datejust, Oyster Perpetual, among others, are considered bonafide classics that transcend trends and turn heads. 


Audemars Piguet 

An Audemars Piguet watch is often considered to be a highly prestigious gift for a man. Audemars Piguet is a Swiss luxury brand known for avant-garde designs, high-quality movements, and consistent craftsmanship. 

Over the decades, Audemars Piguet’s commitment to precision and innovation is reflected in its timelessness and exclusivity. The brand’s limited production only contributes to its prestigiousness. 

Audemars Piguet offers a range of models that would suit a variety of different tastes. The most prominent AP models are likely the Royal Oak and the Royal Oak Offshore, which mark the perfect place to start if you’re in the market for something special. 

Patek Philippe 

“The king of Swiss watches”, Patek Philippe is widely seen as top-of-the-range when it comes to these masterful pieces of craftsmanship. The slogan for Patek Philippe is “you never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely take care of it for the next generation.” 

This remarkable boast shows the longevity of the brand. A gifted Patek Philippe would be a near-guaranteed family heirloom that could be passed down from generation to generation, the legacy of your one gift continuing long past it being given. 

Prominent Patek Philippe’s to pick out for that special somebody include: 

Buying a Watch Gift For Women

A watch can be a thoughtful and elegant gift to give to a woman in your life. Watches can not only service a practical purpose, but can also act as a stylish accessory that can complement and elevate a woman’s style. When choosing a watch gift for women, you must remember to seriously consider the recipient’s taste and lifestyle above all else. 

There is a wide variety of excellent watch choices out there for ladies, ranging from more classic, minimalist designs, to elaborate, out-of-the-box decorative models. Some timepieces are designed for exclusively formal settings, to be worn with gowns and heels, whereas others are for more casual and sporty settings. 

The diversity, specialness, and unique nature of a watch gift for the women in your life are what will make it a thoughtful and timeless present that your loved one will remember for years to come. 


4 Best Gift Watches For Her

Are you looking to buy a memorable present for your partner, your mum, sister, etc.? Well, from Cartier and Chopard to Rolex, there’s a wide selection of ideal gift watches for her on the market right now if you know where to look. 

Top tips to deciding which luxury watch you should give the woman in your life include; consulting her close friends and family, assessing the jewellery and clothing she already has to see if any of them would be complemented by a particular watch or brand, and much more. Some of the best options for gift watches for her are: 


Known for its timeless elegance and luxury, Cartier produces watches that are well-known for being iconic, sophisticated, and truly beautiful to look at. They are regarded as excellent gift choices for women due to the way their designs transcend short term fashions. 

Cartier is renowned for its association with celebrities and royalty alike. It exudes exclusivity and prestige. The sheer versatility of Cartier’s watch collections ensures that no matter the tastes of the special women in your life, this brand delivers. Additionally, its close ties to fine jewellery helps to infuse additional glamour and opulence to each timepiece. 

The most iconic Cartier gift watches for her are: 



As highlighted above, Rolex as a brand is often associated with men’s watches. However, the company also offers a great selection of elegant and prestigious models exclusively for women.

Rolex have a number of “lady” models of their most famous collections. 


Similar to its widespread appeal in the men’s market, OMEGA also produces watches for women that combine equal parts style and precision. 

The OMEGA Constellation and Seamaster collections in particular offer  options for women with an appreciation for both classic and sporty designs. 


A Chopard watch can make an ideal and thoughtful gift for celebrating those special moments in life. The luxurious materials used in every Chopard watch, plus the intelligent and creative incorporation of jewels, help to set the brand’s watches apart from the crowd. 


This seamless integration of precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones within the core of the watch can be traced back generations; Chopard embodies tradition and excellence in the industry. Additionally, Chopard pledged to exclusively use responsibly sourced materials in all of their timepieces, ensuring the brand would  appeal to anybody in your life who values sustainability and the environment. 

Noteworthy Chopard collections your loved one would love include: 


If you’re in doubt and can’t decide if a watch is a good gift for your significant other or a close family member, you can always fall back on something more traditional, like jewellery

They say you can never go wrong with giving jewellery as a gift. At Blowers Jewellers we offer a wide variety of perfect jewellery gifts for her, from excellent brands, including: 

Contact a member of our expert team today and find out more about what you should look for if you’re looking to give somebody close to you jewellery as a gift.


Find The Perfect Gift All Year Round At Blowers Jewellers

Hopefully, our guide has answered the question “is a watch a good gift for Christmas?”. If you’re embarking on the quest for the perfect gift, a way to put all your love and appreciation for somebody close to you into wrapping paper, let Blowers Jewellers be your trusted ally. 

Our curated collection of luxury watches and exquisite jewellery can be transformed into a symbol, a manifestation of love and enduring memories. All you need to do is give it to that special someone. 

Whether you’re choosing a distinguished timepiece from big brands like Rolex, OMEGA, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet, or indulging in the beauty of Cartier or Chopard, Blowers Jewellers is your gateway to sophistication and a life of luxury. 

Our continued commitment to a quality and personal service ensures that we can play our part in making sure that the gift giving ritual is as special as possible. Let Blowers Jewellers infuse your gift-buying journey with excellence this Christmas. Contact a member of our expert team today for more information.